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Summer Events | Posted by Fang on 05.31

Hello MapleSilver Players! 

Congrats on finishing yet another year of school! The staff and I have concluded it's time to party and multiple events and features will be added for this summer!

New Player Event! 

Haven't played the server before?

This is the perfect chance for you and your friends to try out the server! New players will now be given gifts upon completing their job advancements and leveling!!

1st Job (Level 10) - 500k Mesos.

2nd Job (Level 30) - You'll receive a level 35 and 43 Maple Weapon corresponding to your class via your job instructor.

Level 50 - You may receive 5 vip teleport rocks from Agent E.

3rd Job (Level 70) - You may receive a Dark Crystal, 10k NX and 2 Gelt Chocolate (+140attack for 10 minutes) from Agent E.

4th Job (Level 120) - You may receive a Secret Spell scroll, 20k NX, and 5 Gelt Chocolate from Agent E.

Summer Chest Event! 

Mobs from all over Maplestory will now have a chance to drop a summer chest. This chest will allow you to gain rare items such as Summer goggles, Blackfist cloaks, PSB's and more!! More details will be released once the event has been added!

JumpQuest NPC 

You asked for it! A Jump quest NPC will be implemented this June! Depending on the Jump Quest's difficulty, you can gain from 1 JQ points to 5 JQ points. You will only obtain JQ points from a maximum of 3 completed JumpQuests every 24 hours. Points are account based and all characters share the same 24 hour delay regarding points. JQ points can be turned in for rare and unique items! The higher the cost, the better the reward! (Details regarding rewards will be released sometime in June)

Balanced Furies 

We know how all NightLords have been wanting to get their hands on the almighty Balanced Furies. All major bosses will now have a chance to drop pieces of Tao's to create a pair of Balanced Furies! Items Required = all 3 types of Tao's, 1 ilbi, 30mil Mesos, 2 Dark crystals and 2 LUK Crystals in order to create a set.

As always, thanks for your continuous support players. The staff and I are always looking to improve the server and are open to any suggestions.

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