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Relaunch! | Posted by Fang on 04.01

Hello MapleSilver players!

Our relaunch is today at 3PM - 5 PM PST. I'll announce on discord when the server is live!

We have added Krexel, Bodyguard, and Ninja castle during this relaunch!

You may fight Krexel/Bodyguard and castellean once every 24 hours.


I have given active accounts 30k NX and 4 VP as compensation and 500 DP. (Active accounts are accounts that loggedin after 1/1/2017)


A lot of bug fixes and skill changes have been included with this relaunch. Mystic door now works, but may have some bugs. Please report any bugs you find! 

Level up event!

Visit NPC Agent E in Henesys to recieve a special ring that will be available until April 8th 2017.

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