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Class Rebalance and Wipe | Posted by Fang on 03.22

Hello MapleSilver Players,


For those who are not caught up with the latest news, here is a link to a post explaining more thoroughly why we're having a wipe:


The current game servers will be shutting down on Sunday, March 25 to prepare for the wipe. Accounts will not be wiped until a few days before the re-launch. The re-launch date will be on Friday, March 31, we hope to see you guys again!

IF YOU ARE A TOP PLAYER IN YOUR CLASS, please PM me on Discord as we would like to compensate you for all your hard work in the current iteration of the server!


What will be wiped:

- Inactive accounts that have not logged in since Jan 1, 2017

- All characters, items, guilds, nx, vp,etc.



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